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Praising the Good, the Great, and the Downright Tingly

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Do you ever look around your fandom and praise any and all deities that a place like fanficrants exists? Do you ever despair of finding good fanfiction amid all the crap? Do you ever dream of burning FanFiction.Net and its naughty sister AdultFanFiction.Net to the ground and dancing over their ashes?

Yeah, me too.

However, I still believe that good fanfiction lives, even in the darkest places. This community celebrates that belief and works to make raving about good fanfiction just as satisfying as bashing badfic.

So if you love yourself some good fanfiction, from any fandom, please shout it to the roof right here. And remember, bashing badfic is fun and easy, but nurturing good fanfiction can only make your fandom stronger.

The Ground Rules
1. This is a place to praise good fanfiction. Please refrain from ranting about the badfic while holding up the good. It'll stand on its own.

2. This is not a place to post or pimp your own fanfiction. Please put it up on one of the many sites devoted to that.

3. WIPs deserve praise along with completed stories, even if they make us gnash our teeth in frustration. However, please do remember to mark the story as a WIP while praising it.

4. As this aims to service people of all fandoms, it is important to say what fandom your rec comes from.

5. Stories of all ratings are welcomed here, especially the very naughty ones, but please remember to include the ratings before the links. I don't want anybody's eyes popping out here.

6. A brief description of the story would be nice along with some words about why you like it. Don't feel the need to write an essay, unless you like that sort of thing (and then I would ask that you put it behind an LJ cut). However just a link might not convince other people to take a peek.

7. If somebody praises a story you think sucks so hard it makes you dizzy, please don't bitch-slap them for it...but I don't ask that you refrain from explaining why you feel the story does not deserve the title "Does Not Suck". Just be polite about it.

8. I tend to swear a lot. Feel free to do the same.

Other than that...party on, folks.

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