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December 29th, 2006

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08:48 pm - Noir Rec!
Hiya. Found goodfic involving humor, and I need to share it.

Title: Shopping Mission
Author: Section-Eight
Rating: T
Genre: Action/Adventure/Parody
Fandom: Noir
Summary: In which Chloe buys a litre of milk.
Status: Complete.

Review: I'm still reading it, but it's so freaking hilarious I have to share. I rarely find good humor fic that doesn't involve cheese and a llama. (But there is a sheep with a mohawk, and footnotes. And ninjas.) The author writes in such a way that the action sounds believable, and it's still hilarious. Chloe deserves one good humor fic, and this is definitely it. If you're even a mild fan of "Noir," this is a must read.


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