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April 17th, 2007

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07:58 pm - Good Omens
Once upon a time I had a website, and this website had recs. Now the site has been eaten but the recs remain, so I'll be offloading them here. To start with, some Good Omens fics!

Aziraphale/Crowley, the fandom's staple food

Before the Fall by Gypsy (NC-17)
ABout Eden, life, tentative beginnings, and sensuality. The fic is gorgeous, and sort of makes me want to go outside and have a picnic on the grass.

Its Own Place by unravels
It's difficult and probably pretentious to pick a fic and say 'my heart's wish is fullfilled, it's the best in the fandom, yes!', especially considering that GO fandom is a wonderful place. But if guns were pointed at me and I had to choose, I'd leap on this fic without shame or mercy. It's the story of what happened when the Apocalypse came; it feels, sounds, acts like canon, with wit and originality. I've hardly ever liked Aziraphale and Crowley in fanfiction as much as I like them here.

Anything But Ordinary by cimorene
Crowley decides that it's time for courtship, and proceeds with the plan forthwith ... he simply fails to mention anything to Aziraphale. It's got a lovely mix of cute, humour, silliness and the feel of canon.

Twofish by a demon of my word
It's the coupling of Aziraphale and Crowley, but they're not human, so this is how it really happens. The fic goes on a bit in the middle, but if you can breathe the same after this, you're not entirely human.

Amid the Sacred Wreck by Vulgarweed
A beautiful, atmospheric story - and pretty kinky, in my admittedly vanilla opinion. Vikings attack a seaside monastary, returning year after year, and as the violence grows more intense, so do the encounters between the supernatural entities behind the scenes. Also, there is a picture. A picture made of hot damn.

Debauchery by tea_and_snark
There are many fics where Crowly and Aziraphale get together immediately after the Apocalypse, but this one has a Crowley that ought to drive you nuts with glee and an Aziraphale that will satisfy all needs.

A Precise and Accurate History of Monday, Eleven Years Later by Giddy Geek
Ridiculously funny; the characterisations are both good and refreshing. And it just has this feeling ... because it has the mundane and the revolution all in one. Featuring the angel, the demon, and the Them, this is my other "read or die" fic for the fandom, aside from Its Own Place.

The Sacred And The Profane by afrai
Summary: Somewhere else the happy ending was different.
This fic is classy. It's an AU that places Aziraphale and Crowley in different positions, and screws with the characterisations so that the exact same elements are present in it, except expressed in different ways. It is more than it should be.

Deliverance by Ithilwen C. Malfoy
Crowley tries to escape his feelings. The fic has decent angst, funny details about the 'future', and is just an overall great story.

Endearment by Lady Lorax
It's so bloody cute. Smooshy but not sickening, because there's that true-to-character ring.

Falling rain by AriaStar
On Noah's Ark, the angel and demon slowly get to know each other. It's not easy, either ... but cute? Oh yes.

Living Arrangements by afrai
Aziraphale becomes human. This story is made to make people go AAAAARGH. In that great story/horrible happening way.

Crowley and Aziraphale Go Ice-Skating by afrai
A little ficlet, but it's good for anything from a gigglesnort to a long, loony laugh, I assure you.

The Pleasures Of The World by irisbleu and linnpuzzle (NC-17)
This has a "fumbling towards ecstacy" feeling to it. Aziraphale and Crowley are delightfully uncertain about what they're doing, but at the same time they know each other so well that sometimes things simply fall into place, and then the ease of it worries them - i.e., the characterisation is excellent. And the illustrations! Terribly pretty.

One Angel in Another's Hell by aura218
Harry Potter crossover, and it's good! Everything flows together well; both canons are addressed and paid attention to, and the story itself is a great read. Aziraphale reaches out to a lost soul, one Remus Lupin. Pairings: Remus/Sirius and Crowley/Aziraphale.

Gen & other pairings

The Sound of His Wings by draconn_malfoy
A theory on where the Antichrist came from originally. It has a terribly canon feel to it. Man, that last line. Beauteous.

Nephilim by graciouswings
An unusual fic that actually got me feeling with it and thinking about it, and how often does fanfic manage that? Aziraphale has bittersweet musings on the Nephilim, the children of angels and humans.

Be Ye Therefore Merciful by amberdiceless
Crowley and Aziraphale end up being sent to the same human warzone, and an incident proves again that supernatural entities can be quite human too. Careful when reading this one; it puts the emotions through a wringer a bit. Not melodramatic, but demanding all the same. The touch of darkness to it makes it memorable. (slash-ish, but could be read as friendship)

The Last Most Beautiful Day in the World. by Aja
Good Omens seems to attract a slice of philosophy with its fannishness. God wishes to make the most beautiful day in the world, and Aziraphale and Crowley go to see the attempts. But there's more to it... This story makes you feel like the title just came true. (slash, but just a tad)

Finding Time by Caporal
Pestilence x Death. The romance of anthropomorphic personifications at its best, through time and retirement.

Change of Pace by BlueEyedTigress
A perfectly classic drabble featuring Aziraphale and Crowley. It's very much them, very much Good Omens, and really cute.

And all the kingdoms thereof by afrai
A little crossover with Smallville. Hastur makes a mistake, and you will make a face that can be represented thus: XD. No, really.

Unseen by irisbleu
Fluffy, happy sick!fic, where various couples take care of each other. (slash, het, canon, non-canon ... and a little something extrapolated from canon)

Daegaer is the demi-god of the fandom. Her stuff tends to read as 'the other canon', except when it comes to notable exceptions like 'The Sound of Omens'. Her Crowley is an especially cool thing: a big ol' bastard demon, but just humanised enough to feel.
As for specific stories to look out for - I wildly appreciate "Even in Laughter" (like a lot a lot), its sequel "Hope Deferred", "Going Home", "Like the Smoke of a Furnace", "Mother of God", "Seville", "Rain and Rainbows" (bwahahaha), "Saturnalia", then add "He ain't heavy, he's my cousin" and "With This Ring" for being amusing. Then there's the fact that "A Dark and Gotham Night" has Ligur/Batman, of sorts, and come on. How can life be complete without that?

Pandaemonium by Daegaer
Because it's Daegaer-fic not found in the link above, it's funny, and it's Hastur/Ligur that kind of almost manages to poke 'romantic' and 'sweet' with a ten-foot pole.

The Play's the Thing by Lovely Zelda
Crowley, theatre, Aziraphale, and drunkenness. Shakespeare is laughing in his grave.

Romance by evremonde
War tries Romance, and the laughter this inspires in me can only be captured by obnoxious amounts of capslock. This fic is chockfull of glory and truth.

Lovely Boy by demoness-sweet
Pollution/Famine. Creepy and yet very hot.

Reflections on Retirement by Emerald Embers
It is so wrong and yet feels so right. Pollution/Crowley: Disturbing vibes EVERYWHERE!

Leaving by Snowballjane
Things tend to catch up to Crowley. This fic has a feeling of understated rightness for each of the times that he has to leave something behind.

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Date:April 17th, 2007 10:55 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU for these! Good Omens is one of those fandoms that I love to death, but hardly ever read.

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